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FIFA 17: Day 1 Cards are Not Better than Their Upgrades

Prior the discovery of this glitch, the community mostly consisted of endless bickering, but the last week we've actually seen massive collaboration and folks recognizing each other with positive support. I'm sure this is the type of community EA aspired to create (just not through this chain of events). I for one am enjoying this sub more than ever. Kudos to the community! Buying fifa 17 ps4 coins from, which is the best fifa 17 ps4 coins products supplier

Thank goodness for EA's incompetence!

Edit: this doesn't mean I condone EA being the greedy, idiotic shits they are, and I'm only enjoying this so much because they finally got caught touching themselves somewhere naughty.

Basically, any card that was added since release (Upgrades, informs, tots, motm, imotm, and toty) only has base chem (it's either 4) in-game.

This means a couple of different things:

Non Day 1 cards can be put in any position on the pitch and they will play the same.

They will only play to their base card stats and will not receive stat boosts with chemistry style cards

Upgraded cards and early informs are basically worse than the non-upgraded card. This is because (and someone correct me if I'm wrong,) but there is a nerf on players based on the amount of chem they have IN GAME. and as such, non-day 1 players stats are nerfed and therefore perform WORSE than their NIF/NUP card.

Only the huge stat boost special cards (TOTY and TOTS) are worth getting now, because the stat boost offsets the nerf

EA has basically been fucking the community over (knowingly or not) by advertising these special cards (which, keep in mind, are actually worse than the normal card), which makes people want to buy packs, and when they do, they get players that are no better than their NIF.

If I said anything wrong, or missed out on something, someone please correct me.