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FIFA 17: FUT Chemistry and Fitness Glitch

The FIFA community is in uproar following controversy surrounding FIFA Ultimate Team. After years of extorting gamers, fans have found perhaps a sneaky inclusion in the game. In large part, we have come to understand that EA has acknowledged the accusations made against the soccer gaming mogul. By the way, I want to say you buy cheap fifa 17 coins at with the most security delivery and professional service.

What's the Low-Down on This Glitch?

It seems the glitch makes it so that your players are essentially handicapped, with high performing players not playing as well as they should be. The entire thing has been broken down on Reddit, with a video from RighteousOnix (shown below) setting the whole thing off. These are extensive, going into great detail on what the handicapping glitch is, how fans have speculated about it for years, and what the implications are.

In short, your players in FIFA Ultimate Team are supposed to work together to boost each other's stats. There's a "chemistry" stat where playing your best players in the right positions will lift certain stats for each player. These can be massive, changing the entire makeup of your team. And the big key here is that you play these players by getting cards, using either in-game or real world currency, so people have invested a lot of time and money into getting the right players, and playing them correctly.

Unfortunately, according to the video and others around the internet, this simply isn't working as it should. "It turns out that for a large chunk of the most expensive cards in the game," reads the breakdown. "FIFA has not been attributing the stats boost to the cards afforded by their chemistry. Meaning that they feel sluggish, slow and clumsy in comparison to other, cheaper cards in the game which have been given the chemistry stats boost."

The FIFA community reckons it's exposed a "chemistry glitch" that proves a long-running theory about Ultimate Team handicapping.

EA Acknowledges Issues

EA replied with a public apology stating:

"Thanks to the FUT community for raising awareness of a potential fitness and chemistry inconsistency in some FUT items," reads a statement given by EA on the game's forums. "After hearing this, our teams were in over the weekend and continue to thoroughly investigate the information. We will keep you informed with updates from the investigation.

"Our commitment to a fun, fair and secure experience in FIFA is ongoing, and as a community your feedback helps us achieve that goal. A special thanks for your continuous efforts across all channels."