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Guides for FIFA 17 Connection Problems

There are many thousands of gamers who have problems connecting to FIFA 17 servers. The root of your FIFA 17 connection issues may stem from the EA Servers or FUT maintenance, but there are also many circumstances when this is not the case.

Among the most common anomalies are:

Connection drops too often (including in the end of each match);
High lag;
Trouble finding opponents to play against;
Trouble connecting to FUT 16 even when the EA servers are on.

There are a number of troubleshooting methods you can use to get back online when trying to connect to FIFA 17. Let me show you! Besides it, you can buy fifa 17 coins to improve you game feeling.

Restart your connection

Switch your router off for at least 60 seconds and then power it back on.
Restart your device. For console users, power it off completely by disconnecting it from the mains. Wait a minimum of 2 minutes and then power it back up, then restart.
After restarting, try and connect to FIFA 17.
Check your wired or wireless connection

If you're playing on a wireless connection and your FIFA 17 connection is lagging or not connecting entirely, try a wired connection instead. If your connection improves, then try to stay connected using the Ethernet cable. Occasionally it won't be practical to use a wired connection, or you simply won't be able to. When this is the case, you should look to improve your wireless connection.

To improve your wireless connection you'll need to try and reduce wireless interferences from other nearby networks. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and they should be able to help identify and switch to a less populated channel. If your connection is often unstable and drops out frequently, then this should really help to improve those issues.

Check your firewall and antivirus

For PC users, you should check that your firewall and antivirus do not interfere with your connection. You can do this by ensuring both Origin and FIFA are allowed through your firewall and feature on the exclusion list (whitelist). Sometimes, anti-virus programs can interrupt your connection while it's scanning your FIFA 17 game files or incoming network data. Following the previous steps will help to prevent this scanning, and will stabilise your connection. If you're unsure about how to add to your exclusion list / whitelist, then check your firewall software's website.

Some routers have built-in firewall. This can clash with your own firewall and therefore cause FIFA 17 connection problems. There's a possibility this may be happening for you. If so, try temporarily disabling one of the firewalls and then retesting.

Enable UPNP and check your NAT settings

Both of these setting are very important when trying to find opponents in FIFA 17, or trying to ensure there's minimal lag. We always try to ensure our NAT type is set to open by restarting our router / consoles if it isn't.