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Which is better in FIFA 17? Villa or Torres?

If you are having problems with choosing Villa or Torres, I will give you my view. Wish to help you a lot.

First let's see this, on the left is Torres, on the right is Villa.

Then I want to say Villa makes the best runs of any striker I've used thus far in FIFA. He's not perfect, but in terms of his movement and finishing, amongst the very best. Tries to beat defensive line trait + his pace is a pretty deadly combination. The only question you need to ask yourself is value for money, as he's not cheap, you need more fifa 17 coins (Classic Kaka is awesome and cheaper).

And I've used Villa, 27 games and 38 goals. He's actually really good and surprised me with how many brilliant runs he made in behind the defence. Finesse shot trait and 5* weak foot guarantees a goal every time you get through on goal with him. I'd definitely recommend him to anybody.

He scores outrageous goals and he does it so often. It's something like 9/10 chances he buries in the top corner using finesse shot because of that trait + 92 finishing.

And some players say "I personally enjoyed Torres more, but maybe because I was always a fan of him in real life. Villa probably has the better stats, especially his balance and sm/wf are huge."

Torres is incredible too - clunky, but his height pace and strength is ridiculous if you are good with that type of player.

In my opinion, I like Villa more. Because I think speed is very important and I feel good when no one can catch me up.