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Can We Get Free FIFA 17 Points?

You know how on other games they will give you free daily stuff, or a small prize for every game you play? They should add that on FIFA IMO. Something like you have to log in every 24 hours to get 150 fifa 17 points for free. Or something like 10 fifa 17 points for every game you finish.

I know COD does something similair to this with a small amount COD points at the end of every game you play. Sure there could be ways to exploit it maybe, like the glitches on PC at the moment but maybe it would motivate some people to play more games or check in on Fifa more often.

This would also mean that people who don't have the money to buy Fifa Points can still open some packs without spending their hard earned coins on it. You already have to play like 10-15 matches to get enough coins for a premium gold pack and you also need the coins for consumables and players etc.

This is my thoughts, some players say that "Never going to happen because as you said, people will find a way to exploit it." "free Fifa points? but mate, where is the money in it for EA? lol this beloved game of ours is such a wallet sucking abyss each year I limit myself to only spend during TOTS and TOTY." Maybe It will never come true.