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FIFA: Treating TOTS Players is a Mistake

It's surprising me. People are treating TOTS players as if they are going to be useless. I've seen the price of so many Chem Glitch favorites plummet, and here's why I think it's a mistake.

If what we understand is true, and Base chem is 4.9 (even if it's 4/5 it's still pretty much applicable) - then there is still a lot of relevance to many of these players. Especially combined with the fact that putting a chem style in the right place when the patch comes, could see you counter the negativity of up to 4 card stats. By the way,, the best in-game service provider, offer the fifa 17 coins for sale. You buy cheapest fifa 17 coins safely and enjoying our fastest delivery at!

Srna, for example

Will get 8 chem at RB with just a link to modric.

Will get 5 Chem in CM with full links around him.

Ok, so we won't REALLY be able to play Full backs in midfield anymore without penalty, but we can certainly play them in their desired position, the same with other players. I saw a lot of people played Godin TOTS at CDM.

He would still get 7 chem as a CDM, when the patch comes, and guess what..... this would be BETTER than how you're currently playing him at CDM, since he is locked to base chem. So instead of panic selling your players, plan your team carefully, understand that anyone that was already naturally on 5+ chem can stay in your team, and anyone that will now be on more than base chem will play there better than they did before.

This should really now show the 7chem ST's playing better than before. The ST's that you played LF/RF on 8chem playing better than ever before, and in general is a positive thing.

Don't panic sell your players, and then regret it when you realise that the dude you just sold for half the price, is actually twice the player than ever before!