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More Detalis about Starting FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

I have written some tips on starting FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, now I will give you more details about it. Wish to help you a lot, and you can buy fifa 17 coins at our site. Now, let's go!

Build a solid FIFA 17 squad builder

Use your Webstart / EA Access investments for your own squad builder, ready to sell upon release. Your focus for your squad builders should be on players that will likely rise in price and those that you can get at a bargain. Again, think in terms of popular players (hyped league, pacey and good skill moves).

Play against weaker opponents!

When building a squad, put your lowest rated players from your club on your bench (the players that you don’t plan on subbing on), as it lowers your squad rating. This makes weaker players more inclined to play you. You will win more matches in the long run and build your experience as chances are you will have more possession of the ball.

Purchase items from the EASFC Catalogue and quick sell

Needing an extra coin boost? Firstly make sure you purchase match reward boosts to obtain extra coins from matches. Next, purchase kits and balls and look to quick sell them (quick sell values are higher for EASFC items of this type). You can also purchase loan items if you feel you need to strengthen your squad.

Tip: Ask friends to offer EASFC items to you to get them cheaper.

Turn on the FIFA Trainer

With the new attacking techniques, set-piece rewrites and a different feel to gameplay, you will want to utilise the FIFA Trainer. The trainer will give you contextual feedback on how to play at a higher level. In-game tutorials will also help you grasp new aspects of the game when you first start FIFA 17!

Complete the skill games

If you’re a first time FIFA player, you will want to use the skill games mode to learn the finer aspects of the game. This is traditionally for beginner level players, as most experienced users will breeze through the different challenges.

Don’t spend fifa 17 coins unnecessarily

Focus on what’s important. You don’t need to have several squads initially, or expensive kits, badges and balls. Coins that are free to trade with will be worth significantly more to you.

Consumables will be in lower demand during Webstart & Early Access

Consumables are needed when games are being played. During Webstart pretty much no games will be being played in FUT, except for a few that have managed to get early access, even earlier. During EA Access, significantly less games will be being played than when the game is released. Purchase your consumables during this time as when the game is out demand will likely outweigh any increase in supply, causing prices to increase. Bidding on consumables at unpopular trading hours (2.30-5.30am UK) is a good way to pick them up at their cheapest.

Don’t quit matches

Your DNF (did not finish) will increase if you quit matches, which will reduce the number of fifa 17 coins you can receive at the end of a match. It may be tempting, but in the long run you will cost yourself a lot of coins.

Purchase managers wisely

There’s no point in spending excessively on a manager when you’re just looking for the bonus. Purchase a manager that ensures the 50% bonus for as cheap as possible.

You don’t lose chemistry when making subs

This means you can sub on a world class loan player, or favourite player that plays in a different league / nation without losing any chemistry. Take note of this as it can help give your team a boost.